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Rahm Emanuel genuflects to George Soros

In 2004 George Soros, wrecker of currencies and nations, Rothschild agent and longtime Barack Obama supporter, was invited to the US House of Representatives by Barney Frank, Rahm Emanuel (now Obama's White House chief of staff) and a few other representatives for...something. They may have been looking for jobs.

The below letter was written in September of 2004, a little less than a year after Soros went short against the dollar. His betting against the dollar is a surefire sign that he's been instrumental in the dollar's collapse. He makes his living debasing currencies, after all. The below named politicians *cough* all lined up to kiss his ring.

And now his employees are in the White House. Congratulations, America. Here's hoping we can find some change in the sofa cushions when all's said and done.


Congress of the United States
Washington, DC 20515

September 7, 2004

Mr. George Soros
Soros Fund Management LLC
888 Seventh Avenue
New York, New York 10106

Dear Mr. Soros,

We write to invite you to come to the House of Representatives to
meet with a group of Members of the House who are interested in your
views in several important current topics. We admire your dedication to
the ideals of an open and fair society, and we appreciate your
willingness and ability to draw lessons from your own considerable
economic success in the private sector of how we can best proceed with
public policies that promote economic growth and social equity both
here and the rest of the world.

We have been particularly troubled by the McCarthyite attacks that have
been made on you by some American politicians, including colleagues of
ours, who have gone far beyond the reasonable bounds of civil discourse
in their efforts to discredit you. It is of course logically not
possible for us to apologize for the defamatory innuendo aimed at you
by others, but we think. in light of this, it would be particularly
appropriate for you to come to the House for a discussion of important
public policy issues, both for the substantive value of those
discussions, and because we believe it is important that the practice
of hurling baseless accusations behind the shield of Congressional
roles ought to be repudiated. We look forward to meeting with you on
Capitol Hill.

Rep. Barney Frank
Rep. James P. McGovern
Rep. Rahm Emanuel
Rep. Rosa DeLauro
Rep. Howard Berman
Rep. John F. Tierney
Rep. Edward Markey
Rep. George Miller
Rep. Sherrod Brown
Rep. Diana Degette
Rep. William Delahunt