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Almost a witness to the murder of Roland Carnaby

From a post on a netboard, written by someone that lives in Houston and saw Roland Carnaby's murder unfold on TV.


I'm new to this forum. I found it when searching for information about Roland Carnaby today. I wanted to just mention some odd things about his death to you, but not post them in the general public just yet.

I live in the Houston area, and had the television on that day in the background. Right before 11:00 a.m., the newscaster broke in with "We've got breaking news to tell you about. We've been following this high-speed chase for an hour and a half so far, and we want to bring it to you now."

Here's my questions so far on this:

1. I had been flipping between stations KHOU, KTRK and KPRC and nobody was showing this story, but right at 11:00 a.m., all THREE stations automatically have it on. Like they were all told to do so right then.

2. All three of these stations will break in with their "Breaking News!" stories at the drop of a hat, with the most mundane of stories. Why was this not brought to our attention earlier? Why did all three stations wait an hour and a half?

3. Right as all three stations break their regular programs and go to this "breaking news" story, Roland Carnaby suddenly pulls over and the story unfolds right before our eyes, as if on cue.

4. The short 2-second part of the video that showed the supposed "high-speed" chase didn't look very high speed to me. Nor did it look like heavy traffic, that the news was saying finally forced him to pull over.

5. I don't think there was a high-speed chase, I don't think the cops were chasing him for an hour and a half. I think it's very curious that all three major TV stations in Houston apparently had copters following this guy, as well as 4 HPD choppers, (Can you imagine that? 7 choppers following this guy, for a supposed traffic enforcement violation? It was like he was O.J. Simpson or something, who actually got treated much better than this guy did, and O.J. supposedly was being followed becaused he murdered someone. This guy was being followed for what reason, really?

6. On the video tapes shown, the scene showed only one true HPD Traffic Enforcement vehicle, but plenty of other white unmarked police cars, including two pulled up next to this SUV. I didn't think unmarked cars could participate in chases, and I thought HPD had just instituted a new policy where they don't conduct high-speed chases that could endanger innocent civilians, because they have accidentally killed too many with their high speed chases before.

7. In the tape, you can clearly see two men dressed in camouflage pants, with brown or black tee shirts on that have some kind of badge hanging down. These two men are carrying assault rifles. Who are they and why are they there?

8. When the SUV is finally stopped, Officer C.A. Foster comes running up on the passenger side and starts bashing in the passenger side front window. There is no bullhorn, no siren, no one trying to talk to the guy inside the SUV, just immediate use of force.

9. Alongside Officer Foster is Officer A.J. Washington, who when the glass is finally broken, sticks his gun inside the SUV at Roland Carnaby. I think this is when Roland got shot. I think Officer Washington shot him while he was inside the car. I also saw Officer Foster & Officer Washington reaching inside the car, and not down towards the car door, but across like to the seat or possibly trying to get Roland's Blackberry.

10. Officer Washington then runs around to the driver's side door, and pulls it open. When Roland starts to step one foot out, Officer Washington grabs the door and shoves it hard back at Roland, causing him to stumble and fall. If he still had possession of his Blackberry, he may have dropped it at this point and when reaching down to retrieve it, the cops (over 7 of them on the videotape) converge and open fire.

11. I believe Roland was already dying when he emerged from his SUV.

12. One of the guys dressed in camo, who had been calmly standing off to the side, while the shooting was going on, then calmly walks over with the handcuffs, and handcuffs a lifeless body.

13. Right after Roland stumbled out of the SUV, he rolled slightly toward the back driver's side tire, and for some reason, the cops dragged his body up by the driver's side door. Then camo guy put cuffs on him.

14. After the cuffs were put on Roland, the cops get up and walk away, leaving Roland to bleed out alone on the hot freeway concrete alone. They calmly walked away, like they had just finished a meal and were leaving a restaurant.

15. I read a comment on the where people have been commenting like crazy over the last few days, most all of the comments are insane praise over the shoot, which is scary as a citizen reading that crap, but one comment thanked KHOU for having such a good video of the whole event. I went to all three TV stations websites, and KHOU was the only one showing everything very clearly. The others were shaky, grainy or obscure. The damning part of the video to me was seeing Roland stumble (I think he was already shot) out of the SUV and then fall to the ground. I don't think any of those cops there felt threatened at all. Roland looked like he was drugged, drunk or shot as he fell out of the SUV and fell. Today, when I again checked the KHOU website and re-watched the tape, part of the tape has now been obscured and the part where Roland stumbled out of the SUV has been edited out. The other TV stations have edited their's too, to be un-useful to the average viewer looking for answers.

16. One of the cops after seeing Roland laying on the ground dying, claps his hands together, like YES! We got him! Why anyone who was not threatening to them would be treated like a common criminal gunned down in broad daylight is beyond comprehension.

17. I also think the denials being given by David Adler and Steve Jett and Harold Hurtt are interesting to watch without the audio turned on. If you watch their facial expressions, you can tell just by looking at their body language and face, that not only are they lying, but that they're scared. What are they afraid of? Who are they afraid of?

18. If Roland wasn't CIA, why did the CIA immediately and simultaneously deny any knowledge of him and announce that someone will be arriving from Langley, VA. to "ASSIST" the HPD with their investigation?

19. Why is the family lawyer being retained a CIA lawyer that investigated the assasinations of both JFK & MLK? Why not Rusty Hardin or some other media hungry attorney from Houston?

20. I know someone in the restaurant business who said Roland dined at his fine dining restaurant 3-4 times a week, with very important local officials, and was very well-liked and well-respected in the Houston area. Something happened here that doesn't pass the smell test, even to a casual observer like me. If Roland was CIA in any form, and he hung around expensive restaurants, and car dealers and the Port of Houston, which just recently started accepting tankers of LPG, maybe he was doing work to protect the Port. Now that he's gone, I'm worried and watchful, but worried.

Let me know your thoughts, I respect your opinions.


...I think it's interesting to see Don Clark, former head of the FBI Houston office, says now that he only knew Roland as "Tony", which was apparently his CIA name. It sounds like whoever this man was, he had very dangerous information about something that somebody didn't want him to pass along. The CIA & FBI have gone into total Deny, Denounce & Discredit mode on this case.
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